Mittwoch, August 05, 2009

The world is at least 3D

3D animation is a whole other ball game, my friends. If you are really good at something else and have a family and friends, I recommend to keep away. However, I've been learning some software and slowly getting the hang of it. It is fun, all mathematical and nice and clean but as it is always the case with new things, you feel like a retarded baby infant with no arms. By the time I am a 3D ninja, I probably won't be able to hold a pen and be really smelly.


Der Schlächter von Anaheim hat gesagt…

I like the lego penguins! woohoo! :)

Steffi hat gesagt…

Sieht doch schick aus! :) Und dein neues Blog Design gefällt mir ganz super! :))

polygraphiker hat gesagt…

nice my friend... :)