Freitag, Juli 24, 2009

John Jay Marathon

I guess I can share the name of my thesis project now that I secured a website. I have been working on this project on and off for the last year, writing, doing concepts and sketches and figuring out how to make things. Right now, I am at a point where there is still so much learning and working ahead of me but I feel like I am going in the right direction. I am enjoying the process of learning and trial and error where I used to be very goal driven and easily annoyed whenever things did not work out perfect instantly. This is a new quality of work (and life) for me. I have been getting great support and feedback from my close friends and this makes everything easy for me, knowing that I am not sailing alone.
I hope my film will show my love for film and telling stories in this medium more than it will "only" show off my skills to score me some work. The project itself is a narrative experiment and stylistically incosistent, allowing me to explore and take in new ideas that might occur in the process of production. This is something completely different than the tight industrialisted production process of animation (writing, storyboarding, designing, pitching, sucking dick, animation, compositing, post, render, release) but it makes the process joyful and exciting.
I feel like for the first time I am really, honestly, a student of film and design.

However, John Jay Marathon is not my sole invention but the result of a collabo with my friend Roland. We did this music video together in 08. When looking for a name for my film project, this name just came up again and he was happy to let me run with it. Thanks bro!


Michael Vogt hat gesagt…

Das Logo oben liest sich allerdings wie "John JaV Marathon". Dafür ist das Video immer noch sehr geil!

Alex hat gesagt…

Deswegen hab ich das auf der website nochmal neu gemacht. allerdings ist bei dem bild das gras so schön... :) dankeschön!

simkopp hat gesagt…