Mittwoch, November 05, 2008

Russen and Schmidt's Katzen Exibitions

I am participating in two more Exibitions this year and then I am cutting the crap and finishing my thesis essay. Both are group exibitions and I will have two to three pieces in it.

Schmidts Katzen

8.November 20:00
Landsberger Allee 54

Rotopol "Russians"

Friedrich-Eber-Str. 95
D-34119 Kassel

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Antje hat gesagt…

Heeello Alex,

I was on the Schmidts Katzen exhibition and it was nice: except that I couldn´t find you there.
I enjoyed your contribution: I especially like your big octopus in the comic.
BUT I like your Laika the spacedog even more :)

/// Antje