Samstag, September 13, 2008

Castle Crashers

I recently found out about this guys from The Behemoth who developed a XBOX 360 Life game called "Castle Crashers"
It really struck me with its flash game kind of style and grassroots mentality and it looks like they really succeeded in getting out of the webgame ghetto into the xbox life world which probably means that there will be some revenues. I really enjoy the design and cartoony lightness of the whole thing. I dont know how the game is when playing. I am just happy that thebehemoth guys make games on a really tight budget and a really slim team and still manage to compete with multimillion dollar companies.

Here is a little interview with the two bosses and some footage of the game:

here is a review. golden axe style!


Steffi hat gesagt…

das sieht ja total cool aus!

Alex hat gesagt…

find ich auch!!!