Donnerstag, März 11, 2010

How i am I

When you go out in my barrio, there is at least two schmocks in every cafe or diner playing with their iPhone or showing off their new apps. I like the iPhone and I like apps and there is probably not much not to like about iPhonery aside from the rediculus price, T-Mobile contract and the annoyingly fetishising community. But when they came up with the iPad I had to giggle. It is not only what the ladies tell you, size does matter again. When deciding, Pad or Pod or Phone, it only comes down to the following: Either you like the free hand for bevarage, self pleasuring or making gang signs or yo go the extra mile with a supersize that nobody can ever overlook again. I fear, nobody will care much for the googlePhone, so could not be bothered to render it. drawn with my right hand btw...

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Christian hat gesagt…

Tihi! xD
Mehr fällt mir (dazu) nicht ein!