Sonntag, Februar 28, 2010

Pixel me

Yeah, I just finished my four weeks freeelance gig for a rather big client and the weekend off has been awesome so far. The job had been hairy at times but I had a great team and it was much fun overall. I am just about finished recharging my batteries and jumping into the next adventure just now!
We visited Prenzlauer Berg's Steakhouse the Bird with some friends to celebrate the project and Dany and I had a great, juicy steak. Very good. The hamburgers I would not recommend, they were average, according to our company. For burgers, you should try Burgers Berlin here in Friedrichshain's Sonntagstraße. A small joint but very to our liking.

But I digress...

The picture shows me in my favorite track suit - for I will hopefully get my ass to work out more now. I have a small collection of those for running and workout but also for leasure time at home. They are so comfi :)


Michael Vogt hat gesagt…

The steak wasn't that good as well. Though it was tasty, I think it was not "40-Euro-worth-tasty". Altogether I found "the bird" rather disappointing.

Nice pixel illu, btw. :D

Alex hat gesagt…

du sollst mir doch nicht widersprechen. *bitchslap*