Mittwoch, Dezember 30, 2009


I wish all of you a happy new year, all the success, health and happyness you can bear and that all goes well for you and your dear ones in the future.
The Awesome New Year's Resolutions Game
Why not start the year with a fun little game? Tell us about your new year's resolutions and tell in a fun way. Make a little picture, write a poem, draw a comic, dance a dance, make a film, whatever you can think off, that discribes your goals for the next year, be it very humble or absolutely arbitrary! I am giving away five DVDs of my collection "Animations by Alexander Gellner"( PDF Index ) to the top contenders. Deadline will be Friday, 8th of January 2010. I'll announce the winners on Sunday.
I am looking forward to your entries and see you on the other side! :)


Jan hat gesagt…

Here's my Resolution:

No time to polish this one x)
Anyway, have a great 2010.

Alex hat gesagt…

stell dich hinten an.

aber auch du hast gewonnen! schick mir mal deine adresse, damit ich die assassine... ich meine, die dvd schicken kann.


nudelschaf hat gesagt…

Du hast Mail. =)