Mittwoch, Juli 01, 2009

Der Freitag Adler Animation

As I wrote here and here, I've been working on a little project for Der Freitag - das Meinungsmedium. Now they released the spot upon the interwebs and I guess that is the time to come out of the closet myself. As for the process. I did the animatic in flash but then instead of doing the animation in flash as well, I painted the frames, trying to achieve a rougher, more painterly style. It was a five days assignment, so of course there were going to be parts that could have been better with more time but I am satisfied with the results.

Here are some stills I liked.


kopfbunt hat gesagt…

Der Spot gefällt mir sehr und ich werde ihn auch verkopfbunten. Dicke probs für dein Schaffen!

Alex hat gesagt…


Der Schlächter von Anaheim hat gesagt…

Super geworden!