Montag, Juni 15, 2009

KLEE Weil es Liebe ist

The above picture shows the final artwork for the single.

Last year, I developed a music video for the German Pop Band KLEE. The project was turned down at a later state of the process but the cover artwork I did based on the MuVi came into being. As I take it, developing ideas and stories that are going to go to the bin later is the daily bread and butter of freelance designers. I got to develop a fairly thick skin over the last couple of years to cope with those disappointments. Nobody wants to work for the bin but when you try to look at every project as a part of your developement, no matter if it comes to life in the end, you can get something out of it almost every time.

This project was really cool, and I was more disappointed than usually about the halt. That shows that I made the project quite personal. The story was cool, the characters and the places were already living in my heart and mind and the song was the perfect soundtrack to my little story. I wasn't fulfilling a contract work anymore, I was telling my own piece.

I guess It is like being in love. If something is dear to you, you can easily be hurt. On the other side, if you like what you are doing, you are bound to do it good. To me, ballancing professionality and passion is a key necessity to a healthy artist's life.

Two more sketches


Markus hat gesagt…

Hey, das obere Cover (mit Riesenrad) find ich ja richtig geil. Sehr sympatische Charaktere.

Alex hat gesagt…

Hey Markus,
dankeschön. Das Projekt hat mir auch Spaß gemacht.