Freitag, März 27, 2009

Flix - Akte Y

Yesterday, my latest movie premiered at "Zitty Leselounch" in the "Kantine im Berghain", Berlin-Friedrichshain. I (Storyboard, Animation, Compositing, Cut) have been working on the piece with my friend Flix (Story, Art Direction, Drawings), Stephan ( Animation), and Vincent (Sound Producer) for some time (maybe six man weeks in total) and I am really happy with the result.
The audience laughed almost all the way through the two and a half minutes film and we were thrilled to see the audience react in such a good way. The process was laborious but fun, I learned alot from this experienced storyteller and Flix stated that a long time dream has come true for him. You can watch the film at one of his mainy readings and hopefully on film festivals in the near future. We'll keep you informed.
Flix is an acclaimed comic artist and cartoonist and one of the most popular and most productive specimen in Germany. He manages to maintain and hone his trademark style while exibiting an outstanding understanding of storytelling, humor and the human condition. Stephan is a good friend of mine and easiest guy to work with with an astonishing skillset in illustration and animation. Vincent is an upcoming music producer who runs by the name of beatzarre and is one part of the infamous SDP, which should know by now.

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