Sonntag, Januar 18, 2009

Thesis Paper Illustrations

It is such a lovely sunday here!
Anyway, here are some illustrations I made for my thesis paper "Ästhetik und Ökonomie des unabhängigen Animationsfilms" ("aesthetics and economics of independent animation"). I wanted to achieve a style of illustration that mimics the effect that you get when you see more frames of one animation sequence at once. Animation, after all, is a sequence of pictures shown one after another. My illustrations make this process visible by showing this connection on one sheet of paper.

The book cover. All pictures together. Ah, the chaos!

Chapter 1 "The animation business" (Well, no sequence here. It's a mimicry.)
Chapter 2 "The Independent Filmmakers" I used photo reference by Ahrum for anatomy guidiance.
Chapter 3 "The Resumee" Look, she dances! Photo reference by

Chapter 4 "Attachment" Swim, hippo, swim!

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