Montag, Dezember 01, 2008

Thesis: Nina Paley & Bill Plymton

Bill Plymton pretty much got me hooked on becoming an animation guy. He makes the animation process visible, animating with illustration by really cutting back on the frames he draws but making them count. While traditional animation uses 12 pictures per secound and more, trying to hide the fact, that all the fun characters are just a bunch of flickering pen strokes, he gets by with three at times. And he makes his own stuff, so that's why I have to feature him in my little thesis. Nina Paley worked three years on her first feature that I saw at the Berlina festival. She uses flash and a lot of different styles to tell her story but she does that with such delightful humour and fun attitude that made the electrified the audience and made me very euphoric about her work.

Sita Trailer Great.

Idiots and Angels

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