Dienstag, Oktober 21, 2008

Bitey's Castle Academy

I have been using Flash to learn and produce animation for quite some time. I gave lessons to teach the workflow, capacities and work arounds that are inherent to the programm and I think it is still the easiest and most accessible way to get some movement going, besides the infamous gif animator. When coworking with traditional animators or motion graphics people that used other programs, I then realised that there were many things that weren't all that clear and logical for others and I even put together a little manual. But now, the astonishing flash animators Adam Phillips introduces the Bitey's Castle Academy featuring many flash tutorials and how-tos, from a flash animator's perspective. You can download the first two chapters for free. And if you like what he does, donate some money. He is an extraordinairy independent film maker, working mostly for free and he has created some awesome exaples of animation.

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