Sonntag, Juli 13, 2008

MediaSpree versenken

Wer in Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg wohnt, sollte heute noch abstimmen gehen!
DIE MS-Versenken wahlempfehlung lautet:
A ) JA
B ) Nein
C ) A

Something local. The old dreamteam of international investors + crooked politicians in Berlin try to fuck the public over once again by building the so called MediaSpree, an area with office skyscrapers, hotels and lofts for high income people. The downside is that the initiative would destroy much of the established local business, shops and culural sites by the Spree river and that is something that people that now what makes their city special should fight. People from all over the world come to Berlin because it has this mixture of high culture and alternative scene and spaces.

Wikki info in German

And the Mediaspree website

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