Samstag, April 19, 2008

22cm oder einige Erlebnisse des stellungssuchenden Gerd M.

I am working on a short story for the übercool kids of EPIDERMOPHYTIE.
The story is inspired by a whacky porn flick from the 80s. I was provided a two paragraph summary (but not the movie :( ) and asked to do my own version. I really liked the story so much that i decided not to do a mock up or too ironic approach but to stick to it. It has a no good private detective and wannabe pornstar, in it, an amateur porn crew, a gangsta pimp that has a poison wich kills when having an orgasm and some funky twists that will not be mentioned here. the comic itself will not be pornographic, the little booty there on page two is the most you'll get. :)

Stylistically, I tried a loose painted style which is pretty fast and fun to do. And not so tight panel borders to add to the sleezy atmosphere.

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