Mittwoch, Februar 13, 2008

Savage Dragon and Stuff

During break today, I decided I needed to sketch some Savage Dragon. I bought a mega black and white paperback the other day, containing the first 70 or so issues of the Jack Kirby inspired Super hero saga, that is still written and drawn by the creator Erik Larson.
The Dragon is definately a fun read, storytelling is very wanky at times and the the inked artwork without the colors could use some more ballance in line weight and shapes. But overall, I really enjoy the gig and Dragon is pretty much what I would have done if I kept being devoted to drawing super hero stories and such. Satirical, but still very loving and true to the purpose of real comic books: Babes, bare knuckle fights and saving the world from stuff.
This one was done during the final episode of "24" as mentioned in the previous post. I didn't like the ending at all. The show is still very good, but I just didn't like the way all turned out in the end. So I drew because drawing calms me. down :)

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